What is a Parallel Masterpiece?

Parallel Masterpieces are 1 of 1 Parallel NFTs that earn 1% of the 10% royalty on all secondary sales onplayable cards depicting the same art. All Parallel playable NFTs will have a corresponding Masterpiece and the 1% royalty share applies to the entire edition size of the playable card. The 1% royalty share on Masterpieces will be paid out quarterly to the wallet holding the masterpiece on the last day of the month.

When are Masterpiece holders paid?

We may institute a minimum payment threshold to avoid gas costs consuming the payment if the amount is too small but will communciate this to the community as we arrive closer to the first instalment date. Our target first payment date for Masterpiece holders is August 2021 and will be processed quarterly going forward. Its important to note that Masterpiece holders will recieve the royalty payment to the wallet holding the Masterpiece(s).

Here is an example of a Masterpiece beside its corresponding playable card:

Its important to note that Masterpieces also earn the 1% Yield on all SE cards depicting the same art as seen below:

Parallel Masterpieces are extremely rare as they are all 1/1 cards and some use Async Art to create an NFT that adjusts based on the time of day as the below example demonstrates:

We created the Parallel Masterpiece collection to give our communtiy a NFT with yield to earn value from the success of the playable card collection in the secondary market. We will continue to develop both NFTs and other mechanisms that ensure our community shares in the economics of our game as we continue on the path to creating something truly special together!